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Carburos Metálicos provides its cryotherapy solution for the physical recovery of Sevilla FC’s players

Seville, March 2017
Carburos Metálicos, leader in the industrial and medical gases sector in Spain and part of the Air Products group, and Sevilla Fútbol Club, a team that competes in the first division of the Spanish Professional Football League (LFP), have announced the signing of an agreement whereby Carburos Metálicos becomes an official supplier and provides the club with an individual cryochamber as well as the necessary advice, so that its players can benefit from PolarFit® Care, its unique, safe and personalized Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) solution, which uses liquid nitrogen to cool the air in the cryochamber to temperature below -120° C.

Carburos Metálicos offers a comprehensive service for WBC treatment that includes, in addition to the installation of the cryotherapy chamber, its maintenance, as well as the software and equipment necessary for its use. Specialized technicians from the company will be in charge of training Sevilla FC personnel in the use of the cryochamber. Carburos Metálicos will also supply the liquid nitrogen necessary for the chamber to operate.

Sevilla FC players will benefit from Whole Body Cryotherapy, which has been for years one of the ingredients for the success of many professional athletes and sports teams. It has proved its ability to improve recovery after intense exercise since it allows enhancing sports performance, eliminating the negative effects of physical exercise and helping sports professionals to prepare for more intense training programs.

One of the keys of Carburos Metálicos’ WBC is its exclusive PolarFit® Care software that allows treatment customization for each user. The treatment is programmed according to the needs and specific objectives of each application. It is tailored to the individual morphological characteristics of each user and their data are monitored and recorded allowing the optimization of treatment protocols in the following sessions. Personalization is determined during the initial evaluation session, depending on skin type, age and real-time monitoring throughout that session. This personalization allows performing the whole body cryotherapy treatment most suitable to each user, in relation to temperature, duration and time of each session. Each session can last up to a maximum of 4 minutes, is easy to use and the body tolerates it well.

The PolarFit® Care solution is completely safe, not only because the user receiving the treatment is not in direct contact with liquid nitrogen, and is simply breathing in cold air, but because all treatments are supervised by a certified therapist in whole body cryotherapy techniques and in the operation of this unique solution in the market.

Among the WBC benefits for sports and rehabilitation treatments, the following can be mentioned:

  • Optimizes recovery, reduces inflammation, muscle pain, increases pain threshold
  • Improves body preparation for more intensive workouts
  • Boosts quality and duration of sleep and stress relief
  • Supports preparation, helping the body counteract the effects of cold or warm environments
  • Helps in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, injuries or pains in joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves or tendons, as well as muscular sprains

"At Caburos Metálicos we are extremely proud that Sevilla FC, one of the first division clubs of the Spanish Professional Football League that is achieving better results this season, has chosen to incorporate our Whole Body Cryotherapy in its sports treatments and physical recovery routines. We are certain that it will be an important part of its performance in the different competitions and categories in which its teams take part", comments Ahmed Hababou, Carburos Metálicos’ General Manager.

"We are very pleased with the performance and experience that the whole-body cryotherapy system is providing us for the recovery of our players in this demanding season. Our official provider, Carburos Metálicos, is really very agile and efficient providing the cryogenic chamber, nitrogen for its operation and all the necessary advice for its use. Also, thanks to the PolarFit Care software system, we can control our players’ dosages and sessions applying the best recommendations based on their condition", states Doctor Adolfo Muñoz Macho, Sevilla Fútbol Club’s Head of Sport & Exercise Medicine.

"In short, this is a very interesting and totally innovative system that is helping us in the physical recovery of our players thanks to its beneficial effects in many aspects of the physiology and biology of high performance sport," adds Dr. Muñoz.

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